Reduce the risk of bad decisions when choosing a candidate; identify the drivers of success, put the right people in the right positions and improve the quality of employment.


Make better employment decisions by identifying motives (what employees like to do), talents (what they are good at) and culture fit (how much they fit the current culture and where they will progress).

Identify what is important for the role and behaviors that most predict performance and potential; when measuring and comparing results in the decision-making process, you will have a fair and objective assessment.

Defining requirements
Effective interviewing
Feedback to candidates
Professional Styles Expert Report

Professional styles are used in selection, development, talent management, successor planning, leadership programs, coaching and career planning. Professional styles measure motives, talents, desired culture, and potential competencies in this dynamic online 40-minute questionnaire that has 12 pages and shows the key differences among candidates in the selection.

Focus Styles
Expert Report

The shorter Wave Focus Styles questionnaire provides 80% validity of the Wave Professional Styles questionnaire. It is used for selection, recruitment, development, talent management, successor planning and team effectiveness.

The time to fill in the online questionnaire is 13 min.

Line Manager

This report illustrates candidates' behavior, their potential, and their preferred culture fit. It is perfect for individuals unfamiliar with psychological testing who are involved in the recruitment decision-making process for managerial positions.

The time to complete the online questionnaire is 13 minutes - Wave Focus Styles and 40 minutes - Wave Professional Styles.


Provides high quality and clear feedback on candidates. It can be used as a stand-alone report or as a feedback report to a candidate, by phone or live.

The time to complete the online questionnaire is 13 minutes - Wave Focus Styles and 40 minutes - Wave Professional Styles.

Wave Interview Guide

Structure interviews with a report that is easy to use and makes work easier for recruiters and managers (user-friendly), uses the right data to examine critical areas and check candidate strength. The Wave Interview Guide provides objective competency-based interviews. This reduces the possibility of bias in interviews, and this report can be obtained based on three personality questionnaires that candidates fill out online.

The time to complete the questionnaire is 40 minutes - Wave Professional Styles, 13 minutes - Wave Focus Styles and 20 minutes - Work Strengths.

Wave Sales

Our integrated package of sales reports provides companies with a consistent, aligned, and efficient approach to assessing sales competencies during processes such as hiring, onboarding and employee development. Strong sales performers achieve even higher financial growth for companies, as opposed to those who have even higher costs if they do not invest in their employees.

The types of reports you can have here, are: Sales Expert Report, Sales Interview Guide, Sales Development Report, Sales Line Manager, Sales Environment Fit Report.


This is an online tool through which you can determine the key indicators of success (drivers). This profile search engine uses the capabilities offered by the Internet to gather various information during the evaluation within the “Wave” performance model. It can be used in different geographical areas, providing fast, standardized information at an economical price.

The time to fill out the online questionnaire is 10 minutes - Wave Job Profiler.


Our Wave Onboarding report can be applied to all positions to positively impact the return on investment in a new employee (ROI) with a customized approach. The report focuses on the four main strengths of the new employee. He provides useful advice on how to use and upgrade his strengths, how to apply them in collaboration with a future manager and company, and how to make the most of the combination of all the strengths a new employee possesses.

The time to complete the online questionnaire is 13 minutes - Wave Focus Styles, 40 minutes - Wave Professional Styles and 20 minutes - Work Strengths.