Our extensive portfolio of aptitude tests and personality questionnaires covers positions at all levels. It is designed on the basis of scientific research on the successful performance of business activities in the workplace.

We are recognized by:

World-class products

Our assessment portfolio sets market standards for research, development, and assessment validity.

Running results

We improve the effectiveness of the assessment process itself for customer needs, using proven key-metrics and a strong focus on the ROI model.

Smarter solutions

Our approach encompasses candidate innovation, technology, and experience without compromising quality.

Global capabilities

We are equipped to deliver significant, multinational assessment projects through our international network.

Reliable technology

Your data is safe with us. All our databases are ISO 27001 certified and offer faster performance and increased resilience. Our platform provides an efficient user experience through fast data processing and reports generation.

Exceptional service

Our team of experts ensures that the service and the product are world-class.

We offer a complete talent assessment approach that integrates all business processes and covers the entire cycle of recruitment and talent development

Wave personality questionnaires

As the best-in-class questionnaire for assessing
potential and performance in the workplace.

• is recognized as the only means of identifying the match between work motives and talent within the workplace
• uses the best scoring format to predict performance in the workplace
• is interactive – responds and generates reports to the user on-site using smart interactive artificial intelligence (AI)
• distinguishes between candidates and ranks them on its three unique levels
• has the most modern norms and the highest validity for the evaluation and assessment of candidates
• has 27 out of 30 stars awarded by independent review BPS (British Psychological Society)
• generates interactive and dynamic group reporting

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