Atria Group & Sapientia Medici offer Saville Assessment methodology solutions in form of tools for assessing candidates and employees and their further development.

Given that HR has a strategic role in the business, one way to contribute to the sustainable success of the business is through the selection of people who will work in the company or lead it. An increasing number of companies are using a competency-based interview when recruiting. Reduce risk, increase, and improve the quality of assessment and recruitment through a better interview process. Improve the quality of employment by objectively choosing the right people for the right positions. Gain the skills and knowledge to conduct a professional conduct interview or a competency-based interview (CBI).

About this training:

This highly interactive training (Competency Based Interview - CBI) does not require prior training and is open. The training allows participants to gain the best practical experience in applying interview techniques. Training participants will learn how to ask effective questions, use the Interview Guide, and provide professional and objective assessments when ranking candidates.

Why Competency Based Interview (CBI)?

This training deals with all phases of the interview - from preparation, which includes defining key competencies for the required position, to asking adequate questions and choosing the right candidate for the required position. The Wave Interview Guide is designed for the needs of recruiters and key decision makers in the selection process. Participants are introduced to structured questions and designed models that measure both the talents and motives of potential candidates. The questions can be used to identify strengths and specific development areas that can also be further checked through our Wave Styles questionnaires. This training is intended for everyone who is involved in the recruitment and selection process and would like to guide and conduct interviews as efficiently as possible.

Training goal

The goal of the training is to enable participants to conduct a competency-based interview in a structured, focused, comprehensive and correct way.

Who is the training for?

• Directors and managers who are key decision-makers in the selection process
• Development and employee training managers
• HR professionals
• Consultants who work on improving managerial skills
• Employees who need to take over the process of recruitment and selection of candidates

Participants will learn through:

• Sharing training experience
• Practical simulations and exercises
• Different learning materials with insight into the theoretical and methodological framework

After the training, the participants will be able to:

• Set a competency model for different positions within the company and increase the objectivity of the assessment using clearly defined criteria
• Use a structured methodology of asking effective questions when interviewing using the Wave Interview Guide
• Conduct a competency-based interview in a structured, focused, comprehensive, and fair manner
• Make objective decisions about candidates using the Wave Interview Guide Scoring Sheets
• Systematically evaluate the information obtained in the interview

The results obtained from the competency-based interview will provide additional benefits to the participants of this training:

• You will realize how psychological prejudices and our beliefs can affect our perception of others
• You will be able to assess the preferred culture of the candidate’s business behavior and how it fits into your company’s culture (culture fit)
• You will conduct candidate assessments in full compliance with data protection regulations and equal opportunities

Learn how to ask the right questions through
more advanced assessment!

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Competency Based Interview training will be held on 30-31 Maj 2023,
at the premises of Sapientia Medici in Skopje, 3rd Macedonian brigade 43/1-5.