Saville Assessment (UK) is one of the leading companies in the field of psychometric tests, assessment of potential and employee performance. Our industry-leading psychometric assessments embrace innovation and set market standards of reliability, ensuring you accurately and precisely connect the right talent with the right roles.

In this certification training you will learn how to:

• how to professionally manage our set of aptitude tests
• to interpret the results obtained by assessing different abilities
• to harness the potential of tests that are the best predictors of workplace efficiency
• to use dynamic reporting on candidates
• to provide feedback to candidates and employees regarding their achievement on tests
• to perform an assessment for a wide range of work roles and activities
• to assess the level of skill relevant to a particular position quickly and accurately
• to improve the quality of shortlisted candidates and maintain a diverse base of candidates and employees
• to become an accredited 360˚ feedback provider and design a 360˚ program that follows best practice
• to use data in employee development, training, leadership development and providing detailed feedback

Ability Tests is a comprehensive portfolio of tests used for a range of different job positions.

They clearly measure abilities depending on the requirements of the role. The portfolio includes measures of verbal (V), numerical (N), diagrammatic (D), abstract (A), error checking (C), spatial (S) and mechanical (M) abilities.

Based on the Wave Performance Culture Framework model, the Performance 360˚ comprehensively assesses the way an individual demonstrates the characteristics necessary for success by receiving grades from those with whom he or she collaborates. The revolutionary double-reporting feature goes beyond just the categories of evaluators and allows the results to be compared with a comparison group to get a broader picture.

Who is the training for?

HR professionals and people involved in recruitment, selection, team building and who are constantly transforming the ways the company manages talent.

We can segment ability assessments in relation to the target group or candidates and employees. See our range below:
• Directors, managers, and professionals
• Graduates and trainee managers
• Production, construction, engineering, and scientific staff
• Professional staff in operational and technical roles
• Operating staff in manufacturing, engineering, construction, and transportation
• Commercial staff in sales, marketing, business development and financial services
• Customers-oriented staff in call centers, catering, recreation, health, and education
• Administrative staff in private and public sector offices

After training Ability Tests, you will be able to:

• Conduct analysis and identify role requirements and select the appropriate tools to assess them
• Conduct an aptitude assessment and interpret the results of candidates and employees
• Provide professional testing sessions
• Ensure a fair and ethical selection process
• Predict success at work and performance
• Give feedback to candidates and employees
• Use dynamic reporting
• Integrate capability testing and results with ATS systems

What are the benefits of Ability Assessment?

• Great variability of the assessment area that creates a more attractive experience for the candidate and the employee
• Shorter production time with high validity
• Flexibility of unsupervised and supervised tests for added safety
• Modern content and design
• User-friendly reports
• Additional information on the individual style of filling in the tests
• Combined packages for rapid assessment of different abilities, as well as individual tests for deeper assessment of specific skills

After 360˚ Performance training you will have:

• Knowledge to effectively structure and provide effective feedback sessions
• Skills of combining Performance 360° tools with personality test results
• Skills for administering 360° programs and interpreting results from Performance 360° Expert Report reports
• Knowledge of best practices for using our Performance 360˚ tool to explore performance and potential to foster personal development, training, and leadership effectiveness
• Ability to identify situations in which the use of 360˚ Performance is most effective
• Access and use two tools – Wave Performance 360˚ and Leadership Impact Expert 360˚, which allow you to accurately assess the performance, attitude, and potential of individuals at different levels in your organization

What are the benefits of 360° Performance?

• Fast production (10 minutes) that minimally disrupts organizational processes
• High validity and structured feedback on behaviors that predict the most performance and potential in the workplace
• Benchmarking, that is, double reporting that records actual scores and compares with external data
• Qualitative and quantitative feedback
• Adaptable to different frameworks of organizational competencies

Why are we different?

The training is held and certified by top coaches and consultants from Saville Assessment (Willis Towers Watson Public Limited) in collaboration with Atria Group International SEE & Sapientia Medici.

You will learn from leading experts in psychometric tests used in managerial and HR practice.

You will be trained to use the most prestigious tools in the field of business psychology applied in Talent & Performance Management.

Our more advanced approach to employee assessment will help you successfully create a strategic plan for hiring, developing, and building talent.

You will get to know your strengths, developmental areas as well as your preferred work behaviors through personal experience and personalized reports within the Wave Personality and Ability Questionnaire

You will become part of a selected circle of HR professionals who will work with us on exclusive terms.

The training consists of:

• Getting acquainted with the different abilities that Ability tests assess, the large number of different reports that can be generated, as well as understanding which reports are adequate for use in which professional circumstances. The training includes getting acquainted with two 360˚ Performance reports, providing feedback and further practical application of results and insights.
• Workshop work – Participants go through the most important elements of psychometric testing and through interactive exercises try out all the tools in the training.

Learn how to ask the right questions through
more advanced assessment!

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